• 18 OCT 17
    Who’s That?

    Who’s That?

    Do you remember when you were a kid your parents asking you, “who’s that’? “Who is that with you”?

    They were asking that question for a couple of reasons. First, maybe they did not recognize the person or forgot the name. Yea right. More than likely, they were questioning your judgement on the company you were keeping.

    You see, your parents knew, as you do now, the company you keep says much about the person you are, and in the case of youths (yutes), the friends you choose can have profound impact on the vector of your life. Choose to hang out with the types that do not exhibit motivation, well, you can predict the direction of the career. On the other hand, chose to befriend a go-getter, someone with an appetite for accomplishments, well, the journey ends up a little different.

    We can apply the same principle in adult life. First, we are all guided by irrefutable laws of social attraction, that is, the people we are attracted to have similar social values to our own. So do we just stick with the pattern and accept it? Or do we recognize the situation, become aware of the differences between ourselves and others, and seek to participate in other groups with other individuals?

    Well I suppose that is up the individual.

    However, speaking for myself, I do recognize the differences and do seek access and participation outside my typical social group to achieve advancement. And advancement comes in many forms. Of course, career is one. To get ahead, each of us needs to reach to gain the visibility of individuals occupying higher positions. We achieve that visibility in our work, or in our social behavior. Likewise, how we spend our free time can vary and depending on the preferences, reaching outside of the typical pattern holds the possibility for higher levels of cultural access, recreation, learning and spiritual fulfillment.

    So, just as your parents may have asked, “who’s that”? Ask yourself…”who’s that”? Are you satisfied. Are you fulfilled? Can you work at a higher level to gain the attention and visibility of someone senior to you? Then why aren’t you doing it? Think about your friends. Are they giving you encouragement to advance, do you have a curiosity to know more, to learn more, to earn more? Then why aren’t you doing it? Who is holding you back? It’s you.

    (by: Jonathan Morse)

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