• 18 OCT 17
    Who Takes Care of Credentialing?

    Who Takes Care of Credentialing?

    I recently attended a talk during ASTRO in San Diego on credentialing. I was a little more than amused by the turnout. In fact, the audience was a diverse group of billers, coders and patient administrators there to listen to the talk by Susan Vannoni and Kevin Ewalt.

    My takeaway was not different from the other attendees…credentialing was often overlooked, under-emphasized and even ignored.

    “I was very surprised.”

    Here we are in an industry where the critical pain points are shared by all…reduced reimbursement, claim denial and slow revenue cycle and incompatible software joined by a lack of dependable support services.

    And yet, often times the 800 lb. gorilla is the practiced inefficiency in keeping up-to-date with credentialing. Yes, credentialing is the differentiator in the equation. Why? Because keeping up-to-date with credentialing will reduce denials, ensure participation, enhance provider – payer communications and ultimately improve revenue cycle.

    But here’s the problem…who takes care of credentialing?

    Practice administrators are slammed with tasks and responsibilities, coders and billers are up to their eyeballs in regulations, claim compliance and appeals…there’s no one left.

    Wait. There are firms such as RADMAX that provide credentialing as a value-add service. RADMAX credentialing takes the worry away. RADMAX uses a proprietary application to manage the entire lifecycle. Team RADMAX keeps track of all of the payer contracts and manages every aspect of reminders to keep physicians and practices in compliance with payers (local and regional licensing).

    Want to know who takes care of credentialing? RADMAX, that’s who!

    (by: Jonathan Morse)

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