• 21 SEP 13
    What is Everyone Talking About?

    What is Everyone Talking About?

    Maybe I am just getting older but I don’t really understand the growing obsession over talking and texting on cell phones! This morning on the way to work I almost got blind-sided by someone running a red light. When I looked at her she was looking down at a cell phone (she did not even know I was there). Lucky for me I have a car that accelerates quickly and was able to avoid an accident.

    Recently I was heading to the airport with my youngest son for a trip to Salt Lake City and Miller Motorsports Park (race track) for a long awaited race course education class. “To me there is nothing like speed to wash away your problems.” Just heading down the track at 100 plus mph with the sound of a race engine and exhaust in your ears is pure magic. On the way to the airport though my son and I were rear-ended by a motorist as we sat in Terrell, Texas (construction traffic). As I looked up in my rear-view mirror at the exact time we were hit I saw him looking down at his phone.

    No matter where I go these days I see people talking and texting non-stop. I go to a concert or movie lately and the people in front of me are talking on the phone or texting someone. “I don’t get it.” I use my phone for business and pleasure and I have a Blackberry that I get my email and keep track of my schedule, but I have no desire to talk non-stop to anyone. Maybe it is me, but I just don’t have that much to talk about. I also like quiet time where I can actually disconnect (un-plug).

    On another subject (social media [future blog]) I get people all the time asking me why I don’t have Facebook or why don’t I tweet. Well the answer is simple, I don’t really think I need to broadcast what I do all day (I am busy), and anyway, I already have lots of people calling me! I get an average of 400 emails a day – that is enough!

    By-the-way, at Miller Motorsports I left my cell phone in my bag in a locker (all day) while on the racetrack. I figured if someone really needed to reach me they would just leave a message!

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