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    On November 11th we celebrate the men and women who help (and have helped) protect this great country. I come from a military family and I have two sons who serve in the military (Air Force/Navy). I am proud of my sons and respect the choices they made to serve our country. When I look back in recent memory, the atmosphere today is very different from when I grew up and service men were coming back from Vietnam. I believe most people in the United States appreciate the service, dedication, and sacrifice that military people make every single day. While the statement “we appreciate your service” is appreciated by men and women serving in the military (i.e. I hear this all the time when I am with my kids traveling), there is still a lot more that we need to do for our veterans.

    I was reading an article a few years back on veterans by Allan K. DuBois, President of the State Bar of Texas. He is a former US Army JAGC lawyer, who volunteers for legal clinics for veterans (pro bono services). In Texas (where I live and have lived for the past seventeen years) we have 1.7 million current residents that have served in the military. Interestingly most of the veterans in Texas served in the Gulf War era as compared to the Nation where most of the veterans are from the Vietnam War era. Some things that I did not know: the poverty rate among veterans is rising at an alarming rate, especially among Gulf War veterans who have the highest poverty rate. In 2012 approximately 7.8% of veterans use SNAP (federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). This is up from 4.8% in 2009.

    In 2010 Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans was created to assist veterans in legal matters and help them wade through the complicated government assistance programs. We have many veterans coming back from overseas with disabilities and other health issues, and just trying to navigate healthcare is a major ordeal. As a healthcare billing company we know just how difficult it is dealing with the VA when trying to get answers.

    What can you do to help our veterans? Volunteer or make a donation to the following:



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