• 03 NOV 17
    Road Rage

    Road Rage

    Ever get in the car and almost immediately get frustrated with the drivers around you? If so you my friend have a case of road rage! Don’t worry I’m guilty of it too. I drive almost an hour to work every morning and 30 minutes home from work. Out of that hour and half I maybe chill 20 minutes of it (horrible I know).

    If you are a driver like me, let me share some of these common courtesies that I practice:

    -> If you are not passing a vehicle please stay in the right lane (or if you are going to turn why not use the turning lane if there is one).
    -> Don’t drive/ride someone’s car (get too close) so you can’t react without slamming on your breaks.
    -> Don’t text and drive (yes this also includes selfies). For me I use (love) my Bluetooth feature on my car, so I can make my calls and text via Siri.

    True story – yesterday during my commute home from work a young adult almost swirled into my lane because she was checking her teeth on her phone! Why? There was no one in the car with her, why couldn’t she just wait till she got to where she was going to check her mouth? Things like that can wait ladies and gents. And while I’m on the subject, ladies please don’t try to multi task and put make up on while driving – it’s not safe.

    But my absolute worst pet peeve is someone riding their breaks, chances are you are going to get rear ended or you are going to have someone like me behind you with their hands up wondering what you are doing. On another note, yellow light means caution (or drive faster as you pass it, ha.), but what it doesn’t mean is slam on our breaks to come to a complete stop.

    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. It’s meant all in good fun and to share some the reasons that cause road rage. Let’s all just share the road nicely without raising someone’s blood pressure. 🙂

    (by: Mayra Alonzo).

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