• 07 FEB 18
    Learning Is Never Done

    Learning Is Never Done

    We have all experienced the anxiety and pressures of learning. We made it through school, often by ingesting material only to regurgitate it for exams. Then we prepared ourselves for a career… hopefully the one we chose.

    We earned our certification through preparation. We secured our position and refer to it as the experience that lets us keep our position.

    This is when many believe that we are done learning, finished with training, and done with testing.

    Wrong. In many ways, our learning has only just begun.

    The fact is, we’re always learning. Whether satisfying a curiosity, fulfilling a hobby or a personal interest, or improving our work skills, we are always learning.

    Searching for targeted content on the internet keeps getting easier and easier. Some skills require first-hand engagement, like scuba diving or fencing. Household type skills can be acquired by visiting Home Depot, or working with someone who possesses the knowledge one wants to learn. Hobby interests can be learned the same way, by an individual or a group sharing their skills with each other.

    Of course, the only way to advance in our careers is to acquire more knowledge. Gaining that knowledge comes in part from on-the-job-training. Certain professions require continuing education credit to maintain the level of a professional certification.

    The assumption is that we are all very busy with our personal and professional lives. Taking time to learn something new can seem challenging. The costs to travel to seminars can be quite high at times, but the lost opportunity of added training can be even more costly in the end.

    The bottom line is clear. We must continue to learn new things in order to advance, let alone sustain our lives. The rewards for new knowledge is high. Putting aside personal satisfaction, the human drive to grow and to ascend is in our DNA. Learning challenges and exercises the mind. Learning keeps us young and relevant.

    by: Jonathan Morse

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