• 05 OCT 15
    Laughter truly can be the best medicine in Radiation Oncology

    Laughter truly can be the best medicine in Radiation Oncology

    Today we’ve implanted ICD-10, a big change for those of us who work in billing. So what better day for a few laughs than today! At least we can laugh at each other still, in a fun together kind-of-way. And if we all die from laughing, just think someone is going to have to find the ICD-10 code for that in some ER we are taken too.

    I was always that guy, the class clown, the one who found humor in everything. How little did I know standing in that corner as a 3rd grader, how much easier it’d make my life as an adult, as a Radiation Therapist and (at least I hope) as a coworker.

    As a therapist I had a ton of laughs and only a few complaints about those laughs over the years. I was the guy that thought all along – we need to make them smile! Of course there were times when things went over like a lead balloon, but you can’t win ‘em all I guess. Therapist who worked with me daily probably hated my go-to-jokes, but hopefully they laughed at me along the way.

    Another one of my kind of mean but funnies was when that one patient hated to be weighed. Rigging the scales always made them love/hate the day just a lil worse. I’d adjust the scales to make ‘em heavier and even sometimes put my foot on the back as they sweated what seemed to be their biggest fear of the day. I always thought that was funny since they’d just had a Radiation Beam coursing through their body just minutes before (think about that for a second). In the end it always made them smile, a little treat to make ‘em happier if even for just a minute. If I found a way to change their day for the better, it was always my goal.

    I’ve always thought my dad had some wise words on certain things, although he didn’t always live by them himself. One was — you can choose to be a victim or a survivor. Another it’s your choice to laugh or cry. I don’t really ever WANT to cry so…

    I’m so thankful for all the things older people like my dad and the thousands of patients I’ve interacted with over the years have brought into my life. I’ve been in healthcare since 16 years old in some fashion. Although I don’t treat patients anymore, when I want to learn something I almost always go to the waiting room of ‘whatever’ Cancer center I happen to be in that week.

    So remember when you day gets stressed, doesn’t go as planned, feels like nothing is right for you. It could be WAY worse; you could be a Cancer patient that has me as his/her therapist!

    Life is amazing, live it and laugh at it!

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