• 18 OCT 17
    Lack of Customer Service

    Lack of Customer Service

    Should providers be treated with the same respect and urgency as a member? No, this is not a trick question and yes, common sense would make you say yes. So why don’t customer service representatives see it this way?

    As a previous manager from an insurance company we were drilled to coach our employees to focus only on our members since they are our customers and they can make a difference in Medicare Star ratings. Maybe that’s what’s wrong is that there is no urgency from management to teach representatives to show emotion to the providers. We as providers can also make a difference, they can choose not to participate in their plans, or can make complaints to the insurance board.

    So why treat them like red-head step children? I sit here asking myself this question as I wait on hold to speak to someone for the 15th time on getting one simple issue resolved – checks to be reissued. I have been talked to rudely, told to call back, transferred around, given wrong information and even hung up on. I use to hear representatives say ‘ugh it’s a provider calling in; they are so difficult to deal with’. I come to realize that I am that difficult provider and why cause no one has taken the time to listen and research. We wouldn’t be so difficult if we were treated with the same respect and understanding as patients, after all we are treating your customers with the upmost professional way possible. We are humans too and have other things to do other than sit on the phone and re-explain the same problem over and over again.

    Maybe our frustration comes from how we are treated. I just want the insurance companies to do better and give us excellent customer service as well, is that too much to ask for? I challenge every leader in customer service to make a difference and change the behavior that your associates think about us providers so we can do what’s important – take care of the patients.

    (by: Mayra Alonzo)

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