Using technology to simplify and save

RADMAX uses the latest advances in technology to streamline the billing process and increase efficiency. Technology helps lower costs, which we pass on to you.

Although we use code scrubbers, electronic billing, batch posting, and other timesaving techniques, you can transmit charges to us any of the following ways:

  • Paper: Send charge tickets daily via FedEx or by fax and we will enter the information manually.
  • HL7: We can interface with your practice management system to upload charges and patient demographics.
  • VPN (virtual private network) connection, remote desktop, etc.: We can dial into your system with a secure ID/password and export charges and patient demographics either by controlling a remote desktop/server or by hosting your software.
  • EMR (electronic medical records): We can interface with EMR systems, which enables us to audit charges (documentation) without the paper chart.
  • Other: We can interface with other systems, including patient hospital portals, for demographics data.
  • Any combination of the above: We have the flexibility to work with you to develop a method of charge capture that meets your needs.

Flexible, accurate and secure through technology

Our billing software program makes the most of today’s technology, working efficiently, accurately and securely with your billing, EMR or practice management system. The software’s flexibility allows us to customize reports based on whatever information goes in to the system.

Unlike many billing services that rent space on someone else’s server, we use our own in-house servers, stored in a climate controlled, safely secured area of our building. If emergencies such as hardware or software failures occur, our HIPAA compliance policy includes a contingency plan that includes strict standards for data backups and protection, including nightly data tapes and server imaging. In the event of a natural disaster such as a fire or flood, all data backups are kept offsite in a fireproof and flood-resistant environment. We go beyond minimum standards by actually testing the backup system on a regular basis.


A total AR management package

We’re the specialists for specialties. We have the expertise in credentialing, coding, billing and AR management to make sure you get the maximum reimbursement for your services. No one offers more client-focused, complete services than RADMAX….
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Radmax Advantages

RADMAX does more to deliver more

RADMAX delivers more: one-source services, hands-on experience, cost-saving technology and a level of customer service that’s tops in the industry. It’s clear why physicians and facilities nationwide choose and stay with RADMAX….
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