Urology Services

RADMAX specialists are trained to recognize and handle the unique details of urology procedures and billing. When it comes to reimbursement for urology services, our billing team knows the speed bumps to watch for. They’re trained to handle the unique details of urology procedures and billing, providing comprehensive services that include:

  • ASC billing for urology surgical centers
  • Working with physician staff to help reduce patient registration issues
  • Pre-authorization for diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Documentation and billing audits performed for compliance

Cleaning up issues on the front end reduces problems on the back end and keeps your revenue stream flowing. With our sophisticated AR management software that includes several levels of audits, you’ll know you’re in compliance too.

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A total AR management package

We’re the specialists for specialties. We have the expertise in credentialing, coding, billing and AR management to make sure you get the maximum reimbursement for your services. No one offers more client-focused, complete services than RADMAX….
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Radmax Advantages

RADMAX does more to deliver more

RADMAX delivers more: one-source services, hands-on experience, cost-saving technology and a level of customer service that’s tops in the industry. It’s clear why physicians and facilities nationwide choose and stay with RADMAX….
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