Choosing a Billing Service

It’s become common practice for companies to send billing services and collections work to companies overseas, known as offshoring. Healthcare is no exception. RADMAX however is.

Based in Tyler, Tex., it’s where you’ll call to talk with any of us.  It’s where we handle your account and where all your data is housed. Our location gives us a deep, talented and affordable employee pool to draw from, which along with using technology to streamline our processes, helps us stay competitive.


Ask the right questions

When choosing a billing service, it’s important to know how and where your data is maintained and who will be handling your account. Here are simple, but important, questions you need to ask before making your choice:

  • Who is working my accounts in your company and how does the process work logistically (i.e., is it departmentalized or is an individual assigned to client)?
  • Will any of my billing be offshored or outsourced?
  • If so, how much and who is the offshore company? What is involved?
  • If my billing will be offshored, whom will my patients call if they have billing questions?
  • Where are your computer servers and software located (i.e. in-house or elsewhere)?
  • How do you protect my billing data?
  • Do you have a working compliance plan in place?
  • Do you have Errors and Omissions (E & O) insurance?

Visit our FAQ page or contact us; we’ll be happy to answer these questions and more.


A total AR management package

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