• 15 FEB 18
    Stop the Insanity Please

    Stop the Insanity Please

    First of all let’s get something clear – I am a Southern Conservative Business Man that works hard and I am not advocating gun control. I believe in the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution that allows us in America to keep and bear arms. But let’s be honest, firearms were very different in 1791. You did not have lunatics in high rise hotels picking off innocent people with automatic weapons (machine guns basically) like fish in a barrel!

    Just to keep this in perspective I own several riffles. My rifles though are basically hunting and target shooting (bolt action). What I don’t understand is the AR-15 (and similar) craze; guns that were designed for military use, not hunting. The whole idea that we need assault rifles for hunting makes no sense. The AR-15 weapon shoots smaller 5.56x45mm (.223 Remington) high velocity rounds designed for combat (not shooting a deer), and have the ability for maximum collateral damage. These guns were first used in Vietnam and developed into what is the M-16 weapon.

    While all AR-15’s sold in stores are semi-automatic (can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger), most can be retrofitted easily to be fully automatic. And as we saw recently in Las Vegas, a device add-on known as a bump-stock (bump-fire) turns this gun into a fully-automatic rifle. There is no “common sense” reason to have this device available to regular citizens. I am sure there are many, many people who think differently than I do, but I do not understand why the general public needs AR-15 type guns anyways. To me these were designed for military purposes and should be used by such and the police only. I have heard all the reasons why we have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves, but a handgun or a shotgun will serve that purpose just fine.

    Again, I am not about banning guns, but we need to adopt some common sense policies in this country. Things were very different back in the days of the Constitution. Somewhere in all of this we need a reality check. At the very least we need to adopt policies that make sense and make it hard(er) for criminals and crazies to get guns and make it easier with background checks to attain mental health history (that brings up another topic – HIPAA [see previous blog “Guns and HIPAA” by Scott Cothran]). Most of all stop the insanity please – we don’t need ad-on devices for guns that make it easier to kill more people in a shorter period of time!

    (by: Kevin Ewalt)

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