• 24 MAY 15

    EHR and PQRS Incentive Programs

    PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System) is an incentive program that is offered through CMS (Center for Medicare Services). The program makes it possible for physicians to report patient records qualitatively while encouraging preventive care on the basis of relevant data collected from physicians’ practices. PQRS will be mandatory by 2015 and non-participating professionals will be penalized as well. The amount physicians invest in setting up the PQRS is recovered twice over in the first year alone, through the incentive program.

    You do not have to have a certified EHR system purchased or implemented to register for the program. You will however need your certified system implemented and functioning to attest to the 90 day reporting. Links are listed below for the information that is required to register for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs.

    Do not confuse PQRS with other CMS programs. PQRS is different from the EHR program; however the programs have similar requirements, many eligible professionals do not understand the difference.



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