• 01 FEB 18
    Be the Change

    Be the Change

    Ever been around a negative person? Its draining isn’t it? I don’t seem to understand why people choose to be so negative (?). Not only does it put them in a bad mood, but this also ruins the mood of people around them. It takes more energy to get out of a bad mood, or to change your attitude around, than it does to start off your day in a positive mood.

    Last night right before bed I was on Facebook (I know, negative vibes all over Facebook) and I came across this video posted by “Dude, be nice” and it was honoring and celebrating a field worker (Mexican immigrant). There has been so many negative comments, statements, etc. about immigrants, and here was one guy honoring one. I thought to myself, “wow that’s so cool and neat.”

    I’m not going to lie, I cried after watching the video. Maybe because it hit home for me (my grandfather, who was a WWII Veteran, owed his own trucking company and would take my aunts and uncles to the fields to pick vegetables, cotton, and even drove the trucks himself). This man in the video was so grateful and appreciative of what was done for him. During the video he said, “I never thought this could have happened to me.” This posting has been shared 63.7K times (Amazing!). Maybe this will plant a seed in everyone to be nice and have a different outlook in people or in life.

    Be the change you want to see in the world! With everything going on around us, why allow negativity to consume us? I know it’s easier to have a negative outlook on life or on certain situations, but there are so many good things in the world. We are allowing the negative outlook of life to take over us. My own son recently told me “we live to die.” I was so shocked (it took me by surprise), but my response to him was — it’s the days in-between that matter and how you live them.

    Let’s try to focus only on the good so it can out shine the bad. I leave you with this quote that I had seen several years ago that I absolutely love, “Today is the tomorrow you wished for yesterday”.

    (by: Mayra Alonzo)

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